We shouldn’t forget our starting point

Every ride has its starting point and the Triumph Special, the first contest in Italy hosted by Triumph, was ours. Alo's Cafe took the cake by creating the most beautifully customized bike, absolutely unique to us, and in 2014 Alo's Twin won. Shortly after, the bike was placed on exhibition at the official Triumph motorcycle stand at EICMA - international motorcycle show held annually in Milan, Italy. 

To customize isn't to destroy and rebuild what the factory has created. To customize is to offer the possibility to add to or enhance the natural beauty of your bike. We love giving our customers the choice to do this while also having the option to return to the factory original. For that very reason we created our products to be easily installed and easily removed or in other words.. Plug&Play. 

We believe that the three most important parts of your bike are: the frame, the engine and the tank. Everything else can be adjusted to your specific needs but these three pieces are essential.

After analyzing the ways of our competitors, we noticed that many were changing the wheels, handlebars, indicators, etc…but no one even tried to attempt to change the tank. This gave us all the more reason to try! To change the tank was very daunting and a bit risky. Was it possible? That was for us to find out.

Starting from scratch, we took advantage of the resources we had. Growing up with a mother who was a bronze sculptor, we had an artist’s approach and mentality for how to proceed. We used molding clay to make and remake the sketch for the tank until we arrived at a product we were happy with. After which we created the mold and finally our new tank, in fiberglass.

 After the contest we envisioned a new path for ourselves. That path being this newly customized bike we had just created. But we were pleasantly surprised when customers began to request, not the bike as a whole, but maybe a seat here or a tank there, new handlebars or other accessories. And so began the start of Alo's Cafe. A completely new and unique way to re-imagine and personalize your bike. All items Plug&Play and all for Triumph Air-cooled bike models.

 At this moment we at Alo's Cafe are mid-sprint. We are working hard everyday to bring to you as many options as you need to create a new look and feel for your bike. This includes new items and new leather styles and color options. We are also very happy to be able to offer products that are compatible with not only Triumph Air-cooled models, but also other Triumph models as well as BMW and Ducati models (and more manufactures arriving soon!). Alo's Cafe continues to raise the bar by searching for and producing the highest quality products. All for you!


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