Alo's Brat

It’s Simple.

You're on a first date. She steps out the front door and comes towards you with a natural and confident smile.

This is ‘Alo’s Brat’. Strong, discreet, confident and damn right beautiful. Slender, sexy in its somewhat angular curves, abundant in the handlebars, just waiting to be held. Tank tight between the knees, a voice that is warm and deep, a subtle and well-sculpted rear, a beauty that doesn't ask for attention, but simply cannot go unnoticed.

The parts we’ve changed are so many, that by now we’ve lost track. Alo's II tank, flat track handlebar, short mudguards and real slim leather saddle. The shapes are essential and because of that we have enhanced them, not distorted them. The speedometer is inserted in the aluminum cup and mounted on the plate to highlight the sense of lightness that we were looking for for this new interpretation of the Triumph Bonneville T214. We couldn’t resist the Blue, so the tank of our production is tinted with the color of the sky, invigorated by metal fragments that enhance its depth and shine. We truly believe that she, "Alo's s Brat”, is our princess with sparkling eyes. Different and nothing like before, yet still familiar.

Design by Alo’s Group
Alo’s Brat
Year 2015

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