Alo's Golden Boy

He's a good boy. A really good boy. A golden boy ...

Who could disagree?

Dressed to impress for the greatest occasions. A dazzling smile, a clean face and new shoes. But be careful because "Alo's Golden Boy" will surprise you! Under that hand-made tank with gold leaf and contrast airbrushing, a wild heart is hidden.


More power, more Voice (thanks to Zard), tires that look the part and an easy-clean leather seat for those unexpected, messy adventures. Dare to take the road less traveled, it doesn’t matter if you get lost. Thanks to the smartphone pocket you will always find your way with the GPS system.

Alo's Golden Boy, clean or dirty, will always be perfect and ready for its next appointment.

Design by Alo’s Group
Alo’s Golden Boy
Year 2016

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