Alo's Cork

There are dreams that began hundreds of years ago that still have impact today. Innovation, study and research are the secrets that help keep your eyes open and looking toward the future. Amorim Cork believed first and foremost in the development of an eternal and zero-impact product. The cork.

"Alo's Cork Rider" was born from the intuition of people who care about their work. A combination of ideas and drawings, often sketched on paper, which later became reality.


The Triumph Street Scrambler has been reimagined, giving it more grip for the rough terrain it will face. We have paired natural leather of the highest quality and coupled it with technological cork fabrics (Amorim Cork patent). The additions of the side-bag and storage pouches, in combination with our popular tank strap with smartphone pocket, make the adventures you make on your Cork Rider (aka Enrico Galantini) unforgettable. With high mudguards, wide handlebars and long stroke shock absorbers, the Cork rider is ready for any and all obstacles you may encounter along the way!

Design by Alo’s Group
Alo’s Cork Rider
Year 2017

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